The Social Contract of Sales

  • We talk about this a lot and understanding the social contract of sales is really important for everyone, in all walks of life, to understand. Most people, when really pushed, inherently understand this social contract as one of the many that we deal with all of our lives. It is intrinsic and obvious, yet most people never take time to really stop and think about it and what it means and how it affects us.

    Most of us only deal with sales people in a personal context where failure is personal and our happiness with a purchase is mostly emotional and we can always excuse anything as being "what we want" or "what makes us happy." Of course, when we handle purchasing in a business and need to demonstrate that a purchase was logical, financially beneficial and makes sense vis a vis other options that emotional cover is removed and the way that we excuse paying double for a cell phone in a colour that we prefer or only buying from someone down the street or only from cute sales people... everything changes. Now we need to not just know about the social contract, but we need to acutely aware of it and how it influences not just sales people, but us as well.

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