Best New Features of iOS 8

  • That's quite interesting.
    I can see a few copy and paste ideas but on the whole, it's good to see improvement and refinement.

    I am still concerned about the health and fingerprint data being stored on an easily pilfered device but I guess that's why there are remote wipe features for smartphones.

    While they are nice features, I'll still stay with my Lumia.
    As much as I admire Apple and what they are doing product & service wise, it's still far too pricey for me and I still don't really like the iOS interface.

  • So, seeing a lot of Google-had-it-first features. The "easier email", SWYPE (about damn time), texts with voice, etc. Did the ghost of Steve Jobs come and whisper that he's seen the future and Google is it?

    "Make Apple as much like Google as our lawyers can help us get away with, for I have seen the future, and they are it."

    Lol. Sorry Apple but you just played a Microsoft-esque card with this. Three steps behind and now trying to play catch up.

  • They like to be first, but only in certain things.

    Your post was just a bunch of fanboy crap. I hate that from either side of the fence. A lot of the apple fanboys are just as bad.

    Google did not do swype. It is a separate app and company.

  • @JaredBusch I am aware of that. However, Apple fought it for a long time, preferring, what I consider, to be an antiquated "one key at a time" method, for phones. Computers are a different story.

    There are Swype keyboards outside the official one. Just saying. All the ones I know of work on Android. That's probably tied with the interface for the thing that I hated most about WP8. No Swype and no workaround option.

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