Downloading and installing Starwind VSAN v8 on Hyper-V Server 2016 via powershell

  • Downloading the starwind-v8.exe to our Hyper-V host.

    wget ""  -outfile "starwind-v8.exe"

    Believe it or not windows sorta has wget, I was not expecting that!!! It really is an alias for Invoke-WebRequest but nevertheless its great having something similiar availble.

    After the download has finalized, just execute the .exe and the tipical windows install gui will pop up.


    No management console install option available since this is a no gui server.
    alt text

  • Since i've previously attempted on testing the VTL to Cloud Replicator, I would like to mention that there can be a possible error in the process. Just so noone rings the alarm beforehand, it's quite simple to overcome the "Setup failed to install Microsoft .NET Core. Error 3010" by either rebooting the node, or installing the .NET core before installing StarWind.

    After getting in touch with them, I was actually surprised that they were kind enough to take that into account in one of their future releases and mention to have that fixed.