VULTR rebooting my VM, 3 times in a week

  • I launched a VM in NJ for my little RDSH deployment and I just realized I had missed some email notices from them. On the 12th, 15th and 19th I got emails with this in the body...

    "Regarding the following subscriptions:
    16384 MB Server - x.x.x.x ( in New Jersey

    Our monitoring system indicated an issue with the hardware node hosting the instances listed in this email. Our engineering team has investigated the issue and initiated a restart of the host node in question.

    Please note: While this event rebooted the instances listed in this email, we expect no impact on data and/or configurations.

    I ponder again whether the dedicated instance would be better (currently sold out). Or maybe its just a rare outlying set of issues as a result of upgrades to expand capacity.

    Anyway had this happen before?

  • Must be a hardware issue. Have not had that happen, but I do have one rebooted now and then.

  • Just got this back from there lightening fast support...

    Thanks for contacting us. If you are extremely concerned about uptime, a dedicated instance may suit your needs better. However, as noted, we've implemented upgrades to your VPS instance's host node that should prevent this issue moving forward. If you have any further questions, please let us know, and thanks for using Vultr!

    So its tit for tat. Actually glad that I don't have an installation issue.

    Now I need to get serious about picking a backup solution...

  • @bigbear said in VULTR rebooting my VM, 3 times in a week:

    Anyway had this happen before?

    Several times among various instances in Chicago. But, never at the same time. So I assumed staged updates or something. Never contacted them on it.

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