Jim Butterfield on the Commodore 64

  • This is a full length two hour show from 1982 in which Jim Butterfield, Associate Editor of Compute! and host of Bits & Bytes Academy, shows off and explains the Commodore 64.

    Youtube Video

  • The Computer Chronicles (1988) on the Commodore 64. That co-host is Gary Kildall... Creator of CP/M!

    Youtube Video

  • So much nostalgia!

  • Thank you for this...Commodore 64 was one of my favorite computers. Started with Vic-20 and after the C64, went Amiga. I came of age with a Commodore 64 per se. I first got on the internet (not just Quantumlink and the like...real internet via Delphi.) But the best memory was running a BBS. Ran a BBS for many years and eventually grew to having 4 1541's for storage and eventually a "1 meg" drive. Ran Ivory Joe mainly but also tried CNET a time or two. Eventually sold that setup for an Amiga 500 (and eventually 2000) and held on to that until the early 2000s but by 94, I also had a "PC."

  • Amiga 1000 was my first computer that we owned ourselves. Borrowed lots before then but that was the first that was ours.

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