Veeam - Replication - Bandwith Recommendation

  • Hello,

    I thought maybe someone can share his experience on this topic.

    We are currently using 2 Barracuda Backup Appliances. One located at our Main Office and the 2nd one at our Disaster Recovery Site.

    The 2nd appliance is used as a replication Point only. Barracuda due to deduplication/compression/ etc officially recommends :
    "For every Terabyte of data replicated, Barracuda Networks recommends a 1.5 Mbps or T1 connection

    I am now looking into other solutions as the device on the DRS is quite old and is starting making troubles and also disk space is an issue since it´s a smaller appliance as in our Main Office.

    Does anyone use Veeam replication and could share some data with me ?

  • @MrListen I am not using Veeam for replication anywhere, but I do have a Backup copy job running offsite. It works quite well, but the daily change on this facility is tiny. So cannot help on throughput numbers.

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