Share files to Salt Windows Minions

  • Hello,

    Can i get support, I am trying something like this:

    salt '' cp.get_file test123.txt
    salt '
    ' cp.get_file test123.txt /c/
    salt '*' cp.get_file test123.txt \c\

    And the results are:


    I want to send file to my Windows Minion


    File Is hosted in /srv/salt/

  • I believe that your cp.get file should be something like:

    salt * cp.get_file salt://test123.txt C:\

    You can also do this with the file.managed in a state file.

        - source:
          - salt://zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf
        - user: root
        - group: root
        - mode: 644

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