Backing up and restoring Server 2012 R2 scheduled tasks

  • So I recently discovered that the tasks we have setup on our web server were in no way being archived. Clearly, this needed to change, as when everything blows up, I doubt our devs are going to remember every task and their parameters.

    I took the opportunity to solve the problem and cut some baby teeth with PowerShell. I used it regularly with administering Exchange Online, but I haven't done much script development.

    What prompted me to do something with PowerShell is the fact that Yosemite Server Backup cannot see the folder C:\Windows\System32\Tasks without me altering NTFS permissions on that folder. I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to do that, so I've created a solution that puts the data I want in a folder that Yosemite can see and subsequently add to the nightly backup.

    Also took the opportunity to make a GitHub repository -- that I actually won't delete, as I've played with GitHub a few times in the past. So here you go! 🙂

    Backing up and Restoring Scheduled Tasks