ScreenConnect on Korora 25

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    So now I need to actually work. I have the ScreenConnect agent installed my my new desktop easily enough.

    But I cannot connect to any of the other devices. It tries to launch the JNLP file with IcedTea web and jsut sits there forever.


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    I can connect to my desk easy enough.

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    loaded the jnlp manuall with

    javaws -nosecurity -verbose /tmp/mozilla_jbusch0/ConnectWiseControl.Client.jnlp

    and i found the problem.
    Right off the bat it is trying to connect back to something that is not accessible. I have a Nginx proxy in front of this ScreenConnect instance

    line: 3 <jnlp codebase="" xmlns="">

    That URL should be

    I edited the jnlp file and boom, it all worked.. This means I have a problem in my ScreenConnect config that I had no clue about.

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    Updated the web.config for my ScreenConnect and now all is right in the world.

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