Review of the SuperMicro SYS-5029A-2TN4 Four Bay Intel Atom Server

  • SuperMicro offers a small four bay form factor mini-server perfect for those small do it yourself projects, like making a small NAS device. Four big SATA drives, RAID 10 and you are in great shape. Intel Atom processor that is AMD64 architecture makes it easy to build low cost storage projects.

    SuperMicro SYS-5029A-2TN4

  • haha, freenas 9 wont work.

  • That whole server uses less power than my 4930k processor does while idle.

  • "Over time, we expect to see better support for the X553 NIC. The major competition for this unit will be when the higher core count variants come out and iterations that support 10GbE."

    Yep, I'd completely agree. The current one is a great low power system for backups and what not, a low end XEON could make these a great box for home lab work.

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