So...I bought a school

  • As the title suggests, I recently bought a "retired" school that I'll be converting to rental units over the coming months where, when all is said and done, I should have 25 rental units. I've scheduled fiber install at the building and will be getting a 1 Gbps connection within a couple weeks. My first order of business before construction starts is that I need to install a security system, maglock doors and video surveillance.

    Hoping to get some recommendations on what you use for video. I've been a big fan of Ubiquiti APs and switches but I've never used their video products. I am a fan of the pricing on their cameras. Has anyone used them and if so, any feedback/suggestions/things to keep in mind? I know their bullet cameras are on PAssive PoE while their dome cameras support both Passive and 802.3af.

    If you use something else, I'd love to hear what product and why. What are your favourite features and which features do you wish your system had.

    I'd also like to understand how much space the video stream recording will take-up. I get that this is based on fps, compression, motion detection, length of retention, number of cameras...etc, but if you can share what your current setup is like and how much space you are using, this would be extremely helpful in proper-sizing the NVR VM.

    I'm looking for minimum 720P, preferaby 1080P @ 30fps capability, IP cameras only, PoE, built-in IR with decent range, preferably something with software based NVR that I can run in a VM.

    My initial setup would likely consist of ~15 - 20 cameras, and expanding to ~40 - 50 once construction nears a state where I can start renting. I'll be wanting to cover all of the common areas and entrances.

    A nice to have would be to have the ability to stream a live view of the primary entrance to either small monitors mounted in each unit, or to residents' laptops or mobile devices. I know the UBNT NVR software has the ability to create "live views" but not sure about sharing these with as many as 20-25 screens at once.

    Any kind of recommendations based on experience would be much appreciated.