Hypervisor kid Jeff Ready: Converged to the core, and NO VMware

  • The Register's Chris Mellor talks about @JeffReady and @scale this morning in a Scale Computing Profile...

    Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready reckons its hyperconverged HC3 software is better than anyone else's because it's integrated into the hypervisor's core and not just another VM.

    Ready briefed El Reg at a March meeting in London.

    Scale's HC3 product does not use VMware, being centred on KVM instead. Because storage access is integrated into the kernel, when an app in a VM makes an IO request it goes into the kernel, gets executed and control then goes back to the requesting app in its VM.

    Ready contrasts this with a non-integrated hyperconverged system, in which a requesting app in a VM sends out an IO request. It's received by the kernel which sends it out to a storage controller in another VM. Once executed, control passes back to the kernel and then back to the requesting app, meaning two additional VM hops.......