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    Hi friends,

    Some great news over the last weeks about #nextcloud and other #opensource projects.

    We published a blog 2 days ago about Sia integration in Nextcloud. Sia is a p2p storage tech that uses blockchain for contract & payment handling. It is pretty cool, fully open source, about 10x cheaper than other cloud storage technologies and, in short, something you must check out ;-)

    Here is a video on how the integration works:
    Youtube Video

    I'd love to hear what you think!

    We also did a blog about OpenID SSO integration thanks to Gluu, another open source project integrating in Nextcloud. Super cool, once again!

    Of course we had our own news, with a great hackweek and the announcements of a whole bunch of partners like Univention, Daseq, Stylez and others. Find a full list of partners on our partner page.

    We also had some customer stories of moving to Nextcloud like this Dutch company, a new provider in Netways & a nice Portknox March update.

    Last but not least - the Nextcloud Conference is moving forward as well, announcing a call for papers. You are welcome to join and talk!

    As always I'd love to hear what you think ;-)

    Edit: yeah, I wrote 2p2 in the title :P silly mistake #208

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