iPhone Changes Appointment Times of Requests Sent From Outlook/Exchange

  • I am posting this in a couple different forums (including Apple)because I am not getting anywhere yet. I am seeing a strange issue with my users and how iOS is handling events in the ActiveSync Calendar. I have narrowed it down to one specific issue -

    Scheduling an event in Outlook that spans multiple days and has specific start and end times (as opposed to using the all day event check box) will round up to the next full day for the start and add the rest of the day to midnight (of the following day).


    Tuesday at 10:30 AM to Friday at 3:30 PM will show up fine in Outlook and Android devices but on the iPhone, it shows Wednesday 12 AM to Saturday 12 AM.

    If a meeting request is sent out, the message that arrives on the iPhone has the flawed time frame and when people accept the invitation, it shows that they accepted it for the iPhone's flawed time frame.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? Can someone using an iPhone and ActiveSync test it out to see if they have the same issue? Thanks in advance.

    Environment -

    Local Exchange 2010

    Outlook 2013 and 2016

    2 different versions of iOS 10, including the latest version.

  • I am on O365, Outlook 2016 and running the iOS 10.3 and everything is working correctly for me. Don't know where the issue could be for you.

  • @brianlittlejohn Thanks for checking it out. It is weird that the iPhone will actually show the meeting request message as the incorrect time from the get go.

  • Service Provider

    Exchange 2010, created event in outlook 2016 on macOS, and viewed on iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3
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  • @JaredBusch Thanks for testing it out. The only difference I see is the Mac OS (I am running Windows 8.1 and the other users are on Windows 7).