Create Bulk Accounts in Zimbra

  • do we have any specific tools to create Bulk Email's in Zimbra approx 250 Accounts..

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    You mean to import accounts? Like, by providing a CSV?

  • Yes

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    @nagendra said in Create Bulk Email's in Zimbra:


    I renamed your thread so that it makes sense. It is accounts that you want to make, not emails. Bulk emails are SPAM. Quite a different thing.

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    Command line provisioning on Zimbra looks like this...

    createAccount [email protected] password displayName 'Andy Anderson' givenName Andy sn Anderson
    createAccount [email protected] password displayName 'Betty Brown' givenName Betty sn Brown

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    And here is a script for using these commands to import a CSV to Zimbra...

    # Lookup the valid COS (Class of Service) ID in the interface or like this
    my $cosid = `su - zimbra -c 'zmprov gc Default |grep zimbraId:'`;
    $cosid =~ s/zimbraId:\s*|\s*$//g;
    while (<>) {
           # CHANGE ME: To the actual fields you use in your CSV file
           my ($email, $password, $first, $last) = split(/\,/, $_, 4);
           my ($uid, $domain) = split(/@/, $email, 2);
           print qq{ca $uid\@$domain $password\n};
           print qq{ma $uid\@$domain zimbraCOSid "$cosid"\n};
           print qq{ma $uid\@$domain givenName "$first"\n};
           print qq{ma $uid\@$domain sn "$last"\n};
           print qq{ma $uid\@$domain cn "$uid"\n};
           print qq{ma $uid\@$domain displayName "$first $last"\n};
           print qq{ma $uid\@$domain zimbraPasswordMustChange TRUE\n};
           print qq{\n};

  • @scottalanmiller sorry typo mistake bulk accounts...

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