OpenVMS System Engineer

  • Job Code : RCI-ITCs4-3785
    Job Title: System Engineer
    Location: East Elmhurst,NY,11370
    Duration: 12 Months

    Job Description:


    • Recent, in-depth, hands-on, related experience as an OpenVMs Systems Manager-Systems Engineer.
    • OpenVMS operating system.
    • Hands-on knowledge and experience with DECTP products, which includes Application Control Management system (ACMS).
    • Alpha platforms.
    • OpenVMS clusters.
    • Digital Command Language (DCL).
    • CPU-independent SAN technology.
    • MS Windows.
    • Intel platforms.
    • Excellent analytical, and software and hardware skills, with the ability to diagnose problems, develop solutions, and implement corrective actions.
    • Hands-on knowledge and experience using OpenVMS capacity planning, performance management and system utility tools.
    • Must have 1O+ years of exoerience in areas listed above


    • Hands-on knowledge and experience as a systems programmer on OpenVMS platforms. Hands-on knowledge and experience programming in a 3rd Generation Language (3GL) e.g., "C."
    • Knowledge of other operating systems, g., Linux.
    • Background in Incoming Voice Response (IVR) / Voice Response Unit (VRU). Troubleshoot communications problems related to TCP/IP with connections between Dialogic boards, Harris switches, databases, and applications.
    • Experience in programming languages, g. C. Hands-on networking experience.
    • Knowledge of lntel/Dialogic telephony interfaces.

    Mandatory Skills
    Skill Year of experience How it was used?
    OpenVMs Systems
    Alpha platforms.
    Digital Command Language

    If interested: Please provide us the following information:

    1. Hourly rate on W2: __________
    2. Attach latest resume in Word format: __________
    3. Contact information, where we can reach you: _________
    4. Date of Birth (This is required as a unique identifier: Month & Date only): _________
      5)Two Professional Reference:
    5. Are you authorized to work for any employer in the US : Yes _____ No _____
    6. Earliest availability for Phone/ In-Person interview: ______
    7. Earliest availability to start: ______

    Jay Patel
    Rangam Consultants Inc.
    Phone:908-704-8843 - Ext: 424
    Email: [email protected]

  • I've managed OpenVMS systems back in the late 90s and early 00s. You couldn't pay me enough to take on a system that thinks no notification when you need to change backup tapes was an ok thing. Granted, that was probably the person who setup the backup system, but still, yuck.


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