Building a Custom Site Template

  • So here's the general gist of what I'm trying to do:

    Started doing some work with a friend (because I don't already have enough going on lol) to build an ecommerce site for custom apparel. By that I mean, your local high school team has jerseys, etc with a logo. Parents/siblings/friends, etc want to buy a shirt with the logo on it. They have the choice of multiple styles of shirt, colors, sizes, screen-printing vs embroidery, etc. A friend of mine and I would like to setup a site where, instead of the schools guessing and ordering too much of one size and color and not enough of another, they can go on and order exactly what they want, pay for it, and there's a little extra tacked on at each step of the process, and at the end of the month, the organization gets a check for the stuff sold after all the various fees have come out and there's no extra or shortage.

    So here's what I would like advice with: each manufacturer of shirt has a corresponding item number, and price. Also, different makers of shirts have different options. So you could have two mens shirts, and brand A goes from XS to 3XL and has 52 colors, while brand B goes from S to 3XL and has 42 colors. We need to setup a way for people to choose what they want, in their size, choose screen-printing vs embroidery, what color, etc. Now, based on those choices, it will have prices for each option that they choose, and at the end they just pay the total price.

    Now the friend I'm helping out with this brought me in because she doesn't have 47 hours in a day to do everything she needs. And if we can get the site setup, it'd be easy to go in, update some numbers and logos, and done. The clients are already there and ready. So what I need is advice, probably from @IRJ and @scottalanmiller , as to ways to go about doing this. Wordpress would be preferred but isn't required. She has been using 1and1 for hosting and the actual building of the site. That's not a hard and fast rule that we stay with them. That's just who she's been using.

    Any suggestions about where to start would be great!


  • You can't really beat that for $90 if you value your time.

  • As much as I love doing custom stuff, it's hard to beat things like Square Space. They have some attractive themes and you don't have to manage anything.

  • Thanks guys. I'll check this out and get back to you.