HA_Lizard updates

  • The latest version of HA-Lizard supporting both XenServer 6.x and XenServer 7.x environments is now available

    This latest release brings significant improvements in a number of failover scenarios. See release notes

    For users running 2-node pools with local storage, a new version of iSCSI-HA is also available with full support for both XenServer 6.x and 7.x environments. See release notes

    Existing deployments can be upgraded by installing HA-Lizard and (if required) iSCSI-HA on top of your already installed version.

    Also available are installers for a noSAN 2-node pool (based on our 2-node reference design) which completely build and configure a 2-node HA pool with local storage. Due to the major changes to dom0 in the latest XenServer release, we have developed two separate installers to accomodate deployments in XenServer 6.x and 7.x environments.

    Download links for all packages are available in the downloads area of our web site.

    Special thanks to Tobias Kreidl from Northern Arizona University for making a test environmnet available and providing valuable input towards many of the features and enhancements in this release.