Outlook 2013/2016 Cleanfreebusy

  • So in previous version of Outlook (2010 and older) the flag /cleanfreebusy existed. In 2013 and newer it doesn't.

    A user is reporting that S4B isn't changing her status automatically while in meetings, so I began to investigate the issue. Everything in S4B appears to be correct, there doesn't really appear to be much on the "Outlook" side of things.

    From googling around it could be autodiscover, but this doesn't appear to be effecting everyone. As would be expected if Autodiscover was having issues.

    Any ideas what else might be the culprit?

  • For our on prem S4b with Outlook 2013/2016 I have actually rebuilt both the Outlook profile and Lync/S4B profile when an individual user has this issue and that works every time. Something within the profiles get corrupt and I have never been able ti pinpoint exactly what; by rebuilding both the issue gets resolved.
    Also check your certificates make sure you don't have an expired one on the users local machine (check your domain cert from your AD domain's CA if running on prem)

  • Well we have remaining issues that our MSP and Microsoft are trying to sort out, which could very well have new issues occurring as we haven't got a solution yet.

    Recreating the profile was going to be my go-to solution as usually the issue is profile based, but I wasn't sure if anyone else had seen this issue.

  • I have and every time I have to rebuild both profiles. It is intermittent though and I still haven't figured out what actually causes it