Installing Invoice Ninja on Ubuntu 16.10

  • This installation script will set up an Invoice Ninja installation on Ubuntu 16.10 served by nginx with a self signed SSL certificate.

    Installation Steps
    Setup an Ubuntu 16.10 vm.

    Get the installation script and execute it with the following commands:

    chmod +x

    The script seems to hang during the app db migration but just let it run, it will complete. Also remember when creating the ssl cert, to set your FQDN or IP (which ever you chose at the beginning) in the COMMON NAME option.

    After the script finishes, point your web browser of choice to your FQDN or IP, accept the security warning since we are using a self-signed cert and procede to finish the setup.

    alt text

  • This guide worked wonderfully, just need to wait at the part you mentioned and besides that it's operable.

    Great write up.

  • Invoice Ninja is actually pretty freaking sweet. I wish I had a business I could setup with here... as it is now, I'm just playing with my lab.

    I need a domain name to test with too....

  • Thanks for making this! Great job.