Documentation: Information Security with HC3 White Paper

  • Preface snippets:

    The security of your information and data is paramount to Scale
    Computing. In order to be agile in the ever-changing security
    landscape, all technology platforms must adapt quickly. Threat
    vectors from new avenues are emerging on a daily basis.

    Our culture has always been about having an exceptionally
    efficient and focused engineering team. A tight-knit, highly skilled
    team of engineers and developers cuts back on the red tape
    and delay that may be present in other organizations and keeps
    the focus on what matters in this always demanding landscape:
    innovation, stability, and security for the customer. In keeping with
    this culture, we have built the HC3 appliance using our own
    proprietary software in combination with common building blocks
    of well-tested open source technologies.

    Scale Computing has a focus on simplicity, stability, and security
    without compromising performance or design. We understand
    your data is integral to your business, and you can trust in the
    integrity and safety of that data on the HC3 appliance.
    The laws and regulations often change as quickly as the
    vulnerabilities to an organization do, and it is important to be as
    prepared and educated as you can be in this shifting field.

    Read the complete Information Security with HC3 White Paper here:

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