ML on android phone

  • Is anyone else having this problem - Whenever I'm looking at threads on ML that are more than a dozen or so long it's painfully slow to get to the bottom. When the 'click here to go to your last viewed post in the thread' box appears (only about 30% of the time mind you) it rarely takes me to the last post I saw. Perhaps it's taking me to the last post I looked at from my phone, but I can go days without looking at ML on my phone and some of these threads grow by dozens of posts a day.

    In the cases where there is no "click here to end" link I give reading the thread because it will take no less than 2 mins of scrolling to get to the end of thread, assuming I can even get there. It often seems to get stuck on the refresh when scrolling to older posts which leaves me no choice but to move on.

    Hope there's enough detail to be helpful.

  • I see that issue constantly. I'm not sure if it has an issue detecting the bottom or if inline images throw it off.

    Another one for @psychobunny

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