QBs who also Punted

  • While trolling along that information superhighway, I came along Danny White...a former QB of the Cowboys and once upon a time, my favorite QB. I knew he was a punter as well, and actually kept the starting punter job after he got the starting QB nod.

    Knowing this, I looked for other QBs who have done it at the same time. I didn't find any. Yeah, Randall Cunningham once made a 91 yard punt, and yeah, Tom Brady has done it once or twice, but I'm talking about being a starter at both. 2 have come (kinda) close

    Tom Tupa: Not a good QB, but a very good punter. Did go 6-11 in like 1996 but he wasn't the starter. Sounded like either a mopup game or a game when they had injuries.

    George Blanda: He gets a mention not because he was a punter, but he was a starting QB and a starting kicker. He did punt 22 times.

    P.S. Just found out Terry Bradshaw punted 8 times and John Elway punted 7 times.

  • I was just about to mention the John Elway thing since that happened more than once in my recollection.

  • It's pretty hard to find any QBs who have done much of anything else, let alone punt!! I guess that makes Danny White pretty special.

    Kordell Steward (who I was a big fan of also) did the whole RB, WR thing and that was cool! Can you imagine him in a present day wide open offense? I thing it would be exciting .

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