IPA Server and DNS

  • Dears,
    I have an IPA Server running on CentOS 7 but i found when any clients login to the network via any ldapuser of the IPA , there is no any automatic DNS A Record in the IPA Server.
    any advice to make it works ?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Do you mean the client machine's A record isn't automatically added when you run ipa-client-install? You need to tell the client to update the server. Use ipa-client-install --enable-dns-updates. That will add the A record and PTR record in for the client. Also, I usually also use --no-dns-sshfp. Theoretically having the SSH fingerprints for each host in DNS is awesome, but I've found it to be much slower than the known_hosts file.

  • @stacksofplates i will try it and tell you the result 🙂

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