TrueOS Pico for Raspberry Pi

  • TrueOS Pico is a FreeBSD platform built for small ARM devices, at this time specifically the Raspberry Pi.

    From the site: TrueOS Pico™ is a cost effective thin client solution that connects multiple ARM-based devices to a single Pico Server™.

    TrueOS Pico™ provides the TrueOS® desktop experience, like surfing the web and running applications, but at a fraction of the cost and maintenance time of deploying multiple computers.

    One Pico Server™ can supply the processing power to stream TrueOS® on several Pico Clients™. Now you can create a unique network tailored to your specific needs, all while using affordable thin clients. At this time, the Raspberry Pi is supported with plans to support other platforms in the future.

    How does TrueOS Pico™ work?

    TrueOS Pico™ consists of two components: Pico Server™ and Pico Client™ software. The Pico Server™ software package runs on a TrueOS® system, and the Pico Client™ image is installed on the ARM-based device. Once the TrueOS Pico™ software is installed, each client device will automatically connect to the server via the network whenever it is powered on.