Enable osTicket User Without Email

  • If you set up osTicket and for some reason have users that have sent out email verifications but they were not received but you want to activate them anyway (this is especially useful if it is your initial user) you can fix this manually in the database with this command:

    UPDATE user_account SET status=1 WHERE id=1;

    If dealing with the initial user, the id will be 1 as shown here. If you want to do this with another user you will need to look up the user ID in the database:

    SELECT * FROM user;

    Table names are user and user_account but will likely be prefixed uniquely so you will need to add your prefix like so, if you used "helpdesk" as your prefix.

    UPDATE helpdesk_user_account SET status=1 WHERE id=1;


    SELECT * FROM helpdesk_user;

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