Basic Folder Permissions

  • Hi Team

    I'm possibly having a mid week brain meltdown but need some assistance please to ensure im doing this correctly.

    We have a Windows File Server which stores a Access database in a directory called: Folder A/Database/[Access File sits here] (as shown further below too).

    We then have another directory: Folder B/Main/[Excel File sits here], This excel file references the Access database in FolderA.
    Managers need access to both Folder locations but Standard Users just need access to the Excel File in Folder B.
    However, because the Excel file references the Access database in folder A. Users need read access to that Access file in order to use the Excel properly. However we dont want users having full access to that Database file. IE- We dont want them to be able to copy it.

    I hope thats making sense so far.

    Folder A > Database > Access File
    Folder B > Main > Excel File

    I have given the ManagersGroup Full access to both Folder A & B - they can work no problem,
    I have then given a UsersGroup Full access to Folder B but just Read Only permissions on the Database folder within Folder A. The system works well, Users can use the Excel and all is ok.

    However, if the users were to browse the UNC path \servername\FolderA\Database (although this path is hidden in the Excel), they can then be able to copy the actual access database which we dont want them to be able to do.

    Therefore the Q I had is:

    a) Whats the best way to provide permissions to usersgroup that allows them to use the Excel file but at the same time be able to access the Access database, but not allow them to copy it? I understand if they have read rights, they can copy to their local computers and this is what we want to avoid.

    b) Can I use GPO to hide specific locations entirely but keep permissions?

    c) any other ideas im grateful.

    I am about to look at advanced permissions such as Transverse Folder/Execute file - is that going down the right path?
    Thoughts appreciated and apologies if this is basic but I've been thinking too long and have mind blank.

  • I don't think there is anything you can do using file permissions.

    Instead you should replace the access db with some type of SQL then ODBC into it.

    I suppose you might be able to do the

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