• Hi folks,

    We are UK based. Never heard of SSAE 16 SOC3. A client has asked for our latest report - of course, we don't have one.

    Reading up on this, it seems that SSAE is an American standard, not UK. Also, even though American, this also looks to not be a requirement, just guidance... is this the case?

    Also, seems to only be related to those offering cloud services. So, Amazon AWS, Azure, Rackspace etc. We don't offer cloud services. We offer a simple subscription site to get content. We don't offer ability to run VMs, or use a mail app, in IaaS, SaaS etc...

    Does this apply to us? Any information would be appreciated. We are not a datacenter. We are not an 'IT Service Provider'.


  • It's an auditing standard for accounting, should not be related to any specific service. It's not an IT thing.

  • It is purely American, that's for certain.

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