HTML 5.1 is the New Web Standard


    HTML 5.1 replaces HTML 5 as the current standard markup language for the web.

    New things in HTML 5.1 are:

    • The picture and srcset attributes allow responsive image selection.
    • The details andsummary elements enable authors to provide extended information that users can choose whether to read.
    • The menuitem and type="context" attribute value enable authors to add functionality to the browser’s context menu.
    • The requestAnimationFrame API allows for more efficient animation.
    • enqueueJob and nextJob help explain Promise resolution in terms of microtasks.
    • The rev attribute for links, primarily to support RDFa (previously defined in HTML 4).
    • HTMLMediaElement and srcObject objects.
    • Enable cross-origin track and EventSource and cross-origin content for ImageBitmap in canvas.
    • event-source-error, event-track-error and event-track-load events for media fetching.
    • onrejectionhandled and onunhandledrejection and APIs for tracking promise rejection.
    • HTMLTableCaptionElement, HTMLTableSectionElement, HTMLTableRowElement, for HTML table elements.
    • history.scrollRestoration to control where a users' view is directed when navigating through their history.
    • IDL [SameObject], for some objects that return collections.
    • Add "noopener" to rel and window to allow for browsing contexts to be separated.
    • nonce attribute on script and style to support the use of Content Security Policy.