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    Last week I wrote about our new head of sales and others we've hired the last months and I just updated our jobs page with a new position - right now we're looking to fill three positions:

    • Sales engineer
    • Account manager
    • Embedded Linux developer

    Now you might know this Nextcloud thing by now, we're the new kid on the block with a large history - 4 months old yet most of us have been working on this tech for 5 years, since our founder, master & commander 😉 Frank started it under the name ownCloud. The goal: provide a self-hosted, privacy-respecting alternative to Dropbox and, later, the cloud services from Google and other companies. We've done this by building a modular, flexible application which lets a wide variety of app authors provide the pieces beyond the core functionality of file access, syncing and sharing. We're by far the most popular open source file sync and share project, in no small part due to our deep pragmatism (hence PHP is our language of choice, though we also have some go code here and there) and strong focus on ease of use and good design.

    We're a very modern, fun and driven company. We want to change the world and meetings and rules and processes get in the way of that so we work decentralized (as in, most of us work from home) and results are what counts, the rest - pfah, details.

    Now we tend to hire as much as possible from our community, as that is a triple win: they get a job they like, we get motivated people we don't have to micromanage AND we don't have to have complicated job interviews or a vetting process: we just look at github and ask the employees who worked with them how good they are.

    If it sounds like something you want, check out nextcloud, check out our repos and our jobs page!

    Help us spread the word on this, it matters!

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