Windows Server 2003 - Moving User Profile

  • Yes yes, I know, Server 2003 was EOL-ed over a year ago...but it gets worse. So read on. 🙂

    I have an ancient application that was set up on a Server 2003 box (which I've at least converted to a VM). However, it is joined to our old NT4 domain (told ya it gets worse). This application was poorly written and you need to log in as a user and leave the server component running (it does not run as a service).

    That's fine and dandy, but the person who originally set this up did everything under the domain admin account!

    I'd like to un-join this server from the NT4 domain and join it to our more modern Active Directory domain. Is there a way to preserve the domain admin profile? Basically, have the domain admin of the new domain inherit the profile of the old domain admin account?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

    For what it's worth we are working on replacing the application...we have put it in the budget, it's just an unknown when the work will be done. I want to get the NT4 domain out of the mix because 1) well, it's older than shit, and 2) I can turn it off once this server is moved from it.

  • The process should be pretty simple. Unjoin the W2k3 machine from the NT 4 domain, rename the user's home folder, join it to the new domain, login as Admin and let it create the new profile directory. The use the profile copy options to get the profile copied over.

    See the XP instructions here:

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