Sharepoint with Office 365 + checking in / out files

  • Hi guys
    I'm trying to move a folder from one location to another within a sharepoint site. However trying to do so I get an error that says 1 file checked out so unable to move....I navigate to that folder, check it in, and then re-try only to be told 1 more file is checked out....This process has been going on and and on and I can see many checked out files...

    How and is it possible to view ALL checked out files, regardless of where they are and check them all in at the same time?
    Note, i am used office 365 sharepoint.


  • Update: This has been resolved.
    I found a PS script online which helped with this.

  • This functionality is coming soon ™ to a Sharepoint near you. I saw it on the roadmap a few days ago.

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