RDS - RemoteApp hangs

  • We have a server2012 r2 instance deployed as a RDS of which Excel is deployed as a remote app.

    Occasionally and probably more often than not, some users (some more than others) keep having an issue when they try to launch the Excel. The app connects and just hangs...See image here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tp13xeztr0scrmf/remotestuck.JPG?dl=0

    I have to then log onto the server as an admin, and manually log out/disconnect their session. They can then log back in as normal until the next time it happens.....Any ideas what this can be?

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  • erm....for some reason I cant post links - but heres a pic

  • I find this happens most often to my users when they are trying to reconnect to a RemoteApp that they had left open and got disconnected from. I've seen it happen to Word & Excel, as well as a number of internal applications that we use here.

    Unfortunately, like you, I usually have to log in to the server and boot them off.... I usually just keep an RDS session open to that server and leave a script running to make it easier for me to kill a user's hung session.


    autoUserSessionDetails.ps1 Should help you with that. If your machine is AD joined, you can run it from your own machine, but I still recommend running it from the Connection Broker.

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