Independent Team Beats Google to Offering 64bit Android

  • I feel like this will become a huge marketing thing in the next couple years. Samsung says, "look we have 64 bits and run on the 12G network", but the tech specs only show 3GB of RAM. Assuming 3GB RAM, will android be faster with the 64-bit architecture than on 32?

  • @ITcrackerjack well it is really important to remember that these are two different architectures. It's not like it is just is more bits. It's the more modern, higher capacity architecture.

    Think about the Intel/AMD world. What 32bit Intel proxy comes anywhere close to even a slow AMD64 processor?

    The AArch64 will start out a little faster than the AArch32 chips but overtime will leave them in the laughable dust.

    Memory limits are not a factor. 4GB is no more a limit in ARM than it was in IA32.

  • Thanks for the explanation. I'm obviously very weak in the hardware architecture realms. Do you think we'll ever see Windows servers on ARM? Would that even be a good thing (seems like it would be)?

    EDIT: Did a quick search, and it appears they're already working on Windows Server on the ARM architecture.

  • Microsoft made Windows 8 on ARM. Released it and already killed it off. So they have it working for a server but I don't see it as likely. Microsoft's history is full of failed attempts at second processor Architexture options. Remember NT4 on DEC Alpha and 2003 on Itanium IA64? Those didn't last.

    Investing in Windows on ARM would be foolish given their track record.

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