WebEx ARF files

  • So we use Webex for a large portion of our business, and occasionally during a recorded session, the person hosting the session fails to stop the recording at the four hour mark, and restart the recording. This creates two files for the recording of a "usable" size.

    Sessions longer than 4 hours generally are impossible to use. At least from what I've been able to determine.

    Anyways, does anyone know of a better way to convert .ARF files to mp4 besides the Network Recording Player?

    I'm in communication with webex to see if they can assist, figured I'd ask here as well and see if anyone has any ideas.

  • I have never worked with them.

  • Ok here is another option, I could load the live version of the video the "online stream" and just play it.

    What might be a good way to grab the video and audio all at once, when the playback is started?

  • I think I'll use CamStudio for this, it can apparently capture screen video and audio to an AVI format.

    Should work..