New build - super clean

  • Built a client a new PC, super clean build. Went with a red/white/black color scheme.

    • Intel i7-6700K

    • Fractal Design R5 Blackout

    • 2TB WD Black

    • 256GB Samsung 850 Pro

    • MSI R9 390

    • 3200MHz 16GB G.Skill Titan

    • Asus Z170 Sabertooth

    • Corsair RM750x

    • Asus optical drive

    • Win10 Pro

    • Asus 27" IPS display

    • Update: They decided they did want to RAID1 their 2TB worth of storage. So that's the next quick upgrade (not charging labor since I should have recommended it to begin with on this build. Plus it only takes 10 minutes).


    Minimal glow, so it's not obnoxious but they can still see the pretty stuff, since it's going to be on their desk beside their monitor, I figured I'd show it off...


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