Exporting users contacts

  • Hi all

    I've been asked if its possible to export each users Contacts/Address book and merge them into one single database (so a newsletter can be sent out).

    I know I can do this manually by exporting the contacts from each users computer and then merging into one, but is there anyway I can do this remotely via powershell or other means?

    We are using Office 365.

  • I don't think there is a way to do this, as contacts are stored in Outlook per user account.

  • Here is a write-up on it. Not very easy since you have to delve into the EWS API to get access to these objects.


  • Change of scope: It's actually the suggested contacts I need.
    Now I know I can use NK2 edit on the Windows computer to export them, but the problem is half the users have MACs!

    I'm not sure if nk2 edit have a mac compatible software.
    Any ideas about grabbing all nk2/suggested email addresses?

  • Banned

    Grief, NK2 edit?

    What I and others have said very specifically and deliberately.

    • It's a cache, it is prone to corruption or deletion.
    • It is not a contact list, it is not saved safely
    • If someone or a company is important to you, SAVE them as a contact.

    This is the equivilant of writing post it notes of the customers you need to call, then putting them on the outside wall of your company building and hoping when you come back, they will still be there.

    For Mac, I am not sure of what is available.

  • @Joel Since Office 2013, there isnt a nk2 file. it is stored in the Mailbox.

  • Here is a guide on how to remove entries from OLK14Contact, You should be able to output the contents of the file into a txt file.

  • @Breffni-Potter This. It's a transient data store and is not meant to be used in the way you are attempting to use it. It is more for convenience then anything else. I don't think it migrates within Exchange Online unless they are using the Outlook Web App.

    If the contacts and info are important have the users save them as contacts to a shared resource.

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