VMware Introduces Cross Platform Cloud

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    VMware Unveils New Cross-Cloud Architecture™ to Give Customers Cloud Freedom and Control

    At VMworld in Las Vegas, we announced the extension of the company’s hybrid cloud strategy with the new VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™, enabling customers to run, manage, connect, and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment.

    VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ is delivered through VMware Cloud Foundation™, a new set of Cross-Cloud services™ VMware is developing, and the vRealize® cloud management platform.

    • VMware Cloud Foundation, a unified Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) platform that integrates VMware compute, storage and network virtualization for private and public clouds. You get the visibility and tools to see and manage resources, workloads and operations across all clouds. Cloud Foundation will be made available on-premises on certified hardware, or as a service from IBM today and VMware vCloud® Air™ and vCloud Air Network partners in the future, giving you unprecedented choice in your infrastructure decisions.
    • Cross-Cloud services, previewed at VMworld, are in development to give you the ability to manage, govern and secure applications running in private and public clouds, including AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud.
    • VMware vRealize Suite delivers a comprehensive enterprise-ready cloud management platform (CMP) that speeds up IT service delivery, improves IT operations and delivers end-user choice with control, across heterogeneous, multi-cloud environments (VMware vSphere® and non-vSphere).