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    So many of you probably already know about Brave. I shared this on Spiceworks months ago but wanted to also notify those here on Mango. Brave is a browser with privacy and anti-ad capabilities out of the box... I have yet to come across something that doesn't properly load and function but it is still in beta. However, the dev schedule expects a stable 1.0 release for Windows and other OS's by the end of August so now is a good time to start playing around. It's much faster than chrome and doesn't have the memory leaks chrome does either... check it out when you can. It's a project lead by an old mozilla exec. 😃

  • Been using for a long time off and on, but my experience wasn't the same. It did have bugs, I reported a couple of them. Pinning tabs was quirky, some behaviors were quirky, some pages didn't load right for online apps.
    Of course it didn't have integration with LastPass for a long time so that alone prevented me from using for anything serious.

    I think it's fine to have a browser that really cracks down on ads, but I consider it more of a utility browser, I just couldn't use it for regular work.

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