SparkleShare Self hosted Dropbox alternative


    SparkleShare creates a special folder on your computer. You can add remotely hosted folders (or "projects") to this folder. These projects will be automatically kept in sync with both the host and all of your peers when someone adds, removes or edits a file.

    Has anyone heard of this or used this?

  • Yes, I thought it was brought up here before. I haven't used it though.

  • @coliver said in SparkleShare Self hosted Dropbox alternative:

    Yes, I thought it was brought up here before. I haven't used it though.

    If you did, I can't seem to locate it. I've searched for:

    • Sparkle
    • Sparkleshare
    • Dropbox alternative

  • I have not seen this one previously. Looks very interesting, though. Sounds like it might be a perfect lab project for someone like @romo to tackle. I'm traveling today so can't look at it yet.

  • @scottalanmiller I will give it look 🙂 and try to set it up!

  • Really early impressions of SparkleShare:

    • It is based on git, I truly did not know git could be used with anything other than text files.
      alt text

    • The host setup is a script that installs a git server , since it is git you could acually use gitlab, github or bitbucket as your server host.
      alt text

    • Windows client listed on the webpage (1.4) is not the newest version available even though it is the only version listed. Version 1.5
      alt text

    • Client tracks files added and deleted, as well as versions of certain file types.
      alt text

    • Versions of a docx file and ability to recover
      alt text
      **Edit ( For some strange reason, the time of the versions of the files is not actually my current time. Screen captures where taken at around 19:00 and file versions show 17:50)

    Tomorrow I'll setup another client to test the syncing process between clients 🙂

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