Cisco Meraki

  • Does anyone use Cisco Meraki switches and firewalls? Opinions?

  • Don't. I've used their switches, firewalls, and access points in the past. All of which have been slow, undersized (even though Cisco sized them), and too expensive for what they do. The management interface is nice but not worth the headaches and aggravation of using the product. The biggest thing is that many statistics and performance numbers are only available to support.

  • @alex.olynyk said in Cisco Meraki:

    Does anyone use Cisco Meraki switches and firewalls? Opinions?

    No, and for a reason. They are incredibly expensive and are not up to Ubiquiti in power or quality. Before vendors like Ubiquiti were on the market, Meraki had a unique message and offering. Meraki is not bad, it's just not up to Ubiquiti and as it costs many times more it just doesn't make sense.

  • I should say that we don't deploy new ones and haven't for some time. We do continue to support them and deal with them regularly. But we generally phase them out wherever we see them as one month of payments on them is more than the cost to replace them with better gear.

  • We have replaced them everywhere with Ubiquiti stuff I don't think any of our clients have them remaining.

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