Xmas in August!! 3 ML370 G5's & Barracuda shell

  • Man these are 3 tanks I have! All 3 of them have a little different specs. FREE!!!!!
    What to do with them, what to do with them........hmmmmmm
    All of them are clean, no dust buildup. So they were in a proper ventilated DC.
    Folding? Seti? Bitcoins? Gaming rig? What do do with free crap?
    I would say lab, but AWS is cheaper than my power bill. (I am on Co-op power.....yeah....)

    All 3 have only 1 backplane for drives, 8 Drives per box. I have an open bank of 8 more per box, I could Frankenstein one of them.
    The drives I have are all 2.5 SAS, here is the breakdown:
    (3) 72GB 10K
    (9) 72GB 15K
    (14) 146GB 10K
    (2) 146GB 15K
    I have PLENTY of extra trays. So buying bare OEM drives works.
    Plus I will need lots more RAM.
    All of them have iLO, but only two toe tags.
    Spare 256MB Raid memory (not sure it is good though)

    Server 1
    (1) Xeon 2.33 1333MHZ 8MB 80W (Quad Core)
    1 mem board, 4GB (2x2) PC2 5300 555
    Cache Battery (bulg needs replacement)

    Server 2
    (1) Xeon 2.33 1333MHZ 8MB 80W (Quad Core)
    2 Mem trays, each are 4GB (1X4). Same RAM specs above.
    Two Extra GB nics
    No Raid Battery

    Server 3
    (1) Xeon 2.66 1333MHZ 8MB 120W (Quad Core)
    1 Mem trays, each are 8GB (1X4), and 1x4 on the other side. Same RAM specs above.
    Two Extra GB nics
    Cache Battery (bulg needs replacement)

    Empty shell of an old Barracuda 300, Nice tiny 1U mini that can fit in my AV rack.
    Only got the PSU, and a 80GB and 320GB drive.
    Build a gaming rig and use one of the Xeons that got Frankensteined?
    0_1471916520165_2016-08-22 18.19.28.jpg

  • @Texkonc Have you got a graphics card sitting around? I'd be tempted to grab a card from Stallard Technologies and getting a multiple user/gaming/lab running on one box.

  • An old performance AGP interface one. Yeah.....I know.....
    Just a basic PCI-E one, so I will need a better one.

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