Telnet into Ricoh, Issue with SMB command

  • I am telnetting into a Ricoh all in one to change the SMB client port to 445. Thats what support is telling us to do to fix an auth issue when scanning to a network share. When I run smb at the Ricoh shell prompt I get 'syntax error'. The other commands work fine. I can see smb is a valid command. Its an MP 3351. Rebooted the 3351. Any ideas?

  • Is there a help system to get assistance of that command? Like one of these...

    smb -h


    man smb

  • 0_1471010518798_Capture.PNG

  • Syntax error is because you didn't give it any prameters.

    They should have told you what to put in, but just in case, the commands should be:

    smb client port445
    smb client auth.1

    Sets to SMBv2 and forces authentication.

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