WDS server - old and new

  • I'm working on a network that has two servers with WDS on them. The old server that didn't seem to have any working images was set to "Respond to all client computers" and the new server that looked like it should have been in use was set to "Do not respond to any client computers". I flipped those settings and expected my test VM to boot from the new server, but it didn't. I checked DHCP for option 66 and it wasn't set. (nor was 67)

    How else can I troubleshoot this?

  • Found the WDS service wasn't actually running on the new server. Not sure why the old one responded, but it's serving images from the new one so I can move on now.

  • @Mike-Davis We like easy fixed, lol.

  • It would have been nice if it was just that easy. WDS wasn't running because the second drive wasn't showing up because it was never set online after the machine was P2Ved and a few other things after that...

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