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  • @gjacobse Bio - IRL Name: Gene

    Not much on doing a self Bio - But I'll see what I can muster up and get online.

    First contact with computers would have been in the mid to late 1970's, it was a Main Frame terminal in the Math and Science Center in Virginia. One of the things we did was play the famous game: Oregon Trail. The 'display' was a line printer from what I can remember. This is in the era of to 'shot' you had to type B A N G. not tap the space bar.

    Getting into high school a classmate who got me remote control cars also started me down the road of electronics - All sorts of mayhem ensued.

    I have run a BBS system, and built PCs in the living room since the earlier 1990s. Spent several years on a Help desk for the State, driven commercial trucks, worked for two non - profits as the sole IT person, supported 18,000 people for a large auto manufacturer.

    And now I work for NTG, one of the best IT companies.

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