travisdh1 BIOS

  • Let's see here. Graduated from Wayne College University of Akron with an Associates in Computer Repair and Network Technologies.... in 1999. I did get my first IT job through contacts I made while at school, so thatwasn't totally worthless. That was a terrible experience, and I stepped away from IT for way to long.

    Between 2001 and 2007 I worked a number of different jobs either doing shipping/receiving or driving a truck.

    Started working for a medium sized herbalist operation in early 2008 as one of two IT people. It's down to just me now, and I'm planning to look for something else starting the beginning of next year. Don't like the idea of leaving the people, but professionally it's way past time to move on. At least when I do, they'll be in a much better position tech wise than when I started here.

  • @travisdh1 If you know anyone that needs an IT guy that also has a Class A license, let me know!

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