iscsitargets unavailable after reboot

  • I am stumped here with this problem. I setup a raid 10 array with mdadm made a vg and lv, configured iscsitarget and successfully get the SR to show up in XenServer using Xencenter. I can even load vms on it and do everything it should be able to. Until i reboot the iscsi storage. Then i get

    Then of course the test vm wont load correctly. vgs and lvs and pvs all show what i think to be incorrect data after the reboot as well. Certainly not the same as when it is working.
    After reboot lvs and vgs:

  • @momurda What's the /etc/tgt/targets.conf look like?

  • Fixed it. the local server lvm service was 'stealing' the block device before iscsi could get it and serve it out. I ended up going into lvm.conf and adding a global filter option.
    Would be nice if the novel of commented lines in lvm.conf would have mentioned when this could/should be used. A normal filter option didnt ever work. But it was a redhat doc i found with a sentence that mentions iscsi devices for vms might have to use the global filter option.

  • Further note.
    This seems to be a problem when using IET iscsi service. This IET seems to be an older implementation of iscsitargets on linux.
    I removed IET, installed and configured targetcli, removed the lvm filter. All is much better now, and dmesg shows no errors on boot.
    Also getting higher performance now as well with targetcli v iet

  • Yeah, IET is not new.

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