@emad-r said in FOSS VPS Options (or VirtKick alternative): @stacksofplates said in FOSS VPS Options (or VirtKick alternative): Why not just use OpenStack? I didnt know it had this functionality, I thought it was like vCenter. Do you have screenshots on how the clients see the panel ? do you know easy guide to set it up with KVM centos 7 ? Does it support billing ? Created a demo user. You get whatever resources are assigned to that user/group. This is an all-in-one setup for a home lab. If you do this the right way you probably won't be managing it yourself. It uses KVM on CentOS (or Xen is possible on other platforms). There is no billing directly through OpenStack, but it provides the info for that. Usage is tracked for all projects. You can set up billing through something like Cloudforms (ManageIQ). It doesn't look like Vmango does anything related to billing at all. However, to be frank, are you really going to be charging customers to run a VPS on a single host?