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And then the attachment is saved where you want.

Except, you have no way to save to a users ODfB space.

It is easy to do this to non user locations or a user home folder on a server, but not the user's ODfB.

I am sure it can be done with all kinds of delegation or something setup. But in @Dashrender's case, I would assume some of the stuff is PHI that potentially shouldn't be able to be accessed by an account like that.

Yeah - I'm guessing that each person would need to create their own PA for this to work without having to worry about delegations, etc.

That exactly what the example I linked to showed. It standard stuff. No problem putting files in each users onedrive.

I think you use templates or something to do it for many users in Power Automate. As I said we use Zoho Flow but they all work the same. It's just scripting without having to code.