@Carnival-Boy said in SAMIT: Should You Provide Equipment for Work from Home Staff?:

From that, you've drawn a huge number of untrue assumptions, such as I'm not really IT,

Where did I draw that conclusion? I asked you if you were and you've not said one way or the other. That's all. Repeating that you work for an ISV, whatever that means to you, in no way whatsoever answers the question. Just because an ISV is in no way an IT organization doesn't mean that they don't hire some IT staff internally. I feel like you are saying it to try to tell us you're not in IT, but it doesn't imply that.

Just like working at McDonald's includes both flipping burgers and being a CIO.

ISVs tend to have incredibly small IT needs, in general. But they certainly need IT. As someone that's owned an ISV for a very long time, we certainly have IT. But we don't offer IT, we offer software. But developers need IT support too. As do the office staff, etc.